Domino Ax-Series: Coding Without Compromise
Rewriting the Rules of Ink Jet


Designed by Customers,
Engineered by Domino.

The way we think about it, if you want to improve your products, listen to your customers. So we did. We learned from your coding experiences and studied the regulatory, environmental and supply chain pressures you face. And then we deconstructed Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) as we’ve known it for the past four decades – before rebuilding it as a better, faster, more responsive and cost-effective technology. Experience the Domino Ax-Series and rethink Continuous Ink Jet.

Rewriting Value

Highly Flexible. Total Support

Your printer is highly reliable and effective during operation with unprecedented levels of overall equipment effectiveness and lower running costs. The choice of nozzle sizes, from 40 to 75 microns, allows easy selection of smaller ink drops reducing ink consumption and as the printhead eliminates build-up there is a big reduction in wash solvent.

Environmentally friendly by design

Designed to meet your environmental goals, the Ax-Series inkjet printer was carefully designed to ensure reduction of waste in consumables and packaging. Fully depleting cartridges prevent ink waste at the time of consumable changes and optimised packaging ensures ink is transported in the most cost effective way to help reduce storage.

Simple, tool-free maintenance

Eliminating the need for a traditional engineer service and the associated cost, the i-Tech Module allows simple, tool-free maintenance by your operator. The 3-stage solvent recovery system with active gutter control reduces solvent consumption to a minimum; and the Ax-Series’ thermally engineered cabinet reduces heat build-up, extending component life, further reducing solvent consumption.

Rewriting Performance

Flexible and easy to use

Operating the Ax-Series is easy. Choose from simple-to-use, operator-friendly and intuitive, Remote User Interfaces offered in two sizes 7" & 10". With language and character options in the Domino QuickStep software you can set the ideal touchscreen format for your operators ensuring easy-operation.

Ax350i - Technical Specification

Reliable & Robust For Real Life

To eliminate unplanned stops i-Pulse printheads have been designed to be robust and reliable in your toughest environment. They are built with unique nozzle-sealing technology so your printhead starts up first time even after extended shut-down. Cleaning is effortless, even when using heavy, pigmented ink, and i-Pulse printheads easily fit alongside stainless steel production lines.

Ax150i - Technical Specification

Suitable for Harsh Environments

Suitable for even your toughest environment the robust and stackable Ax550i cabinet is marine-grade stainless steel with IP66 environmental protection. An IP66 rating makes this cabinet dust-tight and even able to withstand powerful water-blasting during heavy-duty, production line cleaning

Ax550i - Technical Specification

Rewriting Print Quality

Perfect drops every time

Domino has gone back to the original science of CIJ technology to develop the new i-Pulse print head and unique frequency-matched drop generator.
i-Pulse controls individual ink drop formation to create the perfect drop every time, delivering significant advances in droplet accuracy, placement and ink usage for reliable, high- speed and consistent code quality.

High resolution text and 2D codes

Higher quality codes are optimised for machine readable codes (MRC) and optical recognition systems helping reduce rejects. High resolution print messages with multiple line code and 2D are available at the fastest speeds catering to large amounts of data for high speed, rapid throughput printing.

Ink for toughest substrates

A whole range of inks have been developed for the i-Pulse print heads ensuring reliability and high performance across a broad spectrum of applications. In addition completely new inks have been designed for more challenging CIJ applications including retort (sterilisation) processes, frozen food applications and returnable glass bottle processes. Unique new fast-drying, ketone free inks for flexible food packaging applications also form part of the extensive range. i-Pulse inks are designed and manufactured to recent global standards including the latest EuPIA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for food contact material (FCM) applications.

Domino Design - Easily integrates into any production line

• Easy to use remote touch screen -
  can be mounted where it best
  serves your operators
• Hide the heavy duty wash-down
  cabinet where you want it, out of
  the way
• 316SS, IP66 – build for quality and
  reliability even in the harshest


• Putting you in control wherever
  you want it
• User experience is like a
  smartphone, takes new
  operators minutes to learn
• Customisable, prioritising most
  used tasks

i-Pulse - creates the perfect drop every time

• The perfect drop – it's
  fundamental to consistently
  great quality codes
• 9 drop quality at 7 drop speeds
• Perfect drop creation and
  placement resulting in producing
  highly reliable Machine
  Readable Codes
• Better drop management equals
  cleaner print head (go
  significantly longer between
• Better, faster, more consistent